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Serving the Utility Industry in Texas since 1977

Our company started in the utility industry servicing SBC (now AT&T) with a backhoe and a small trencher. We have built our company from within with knowledge learned in the field. Northeast Services was one of the first in the metroplex to have directional capabilities. Today our company not only places HDPE and cable for local phone and cable companies but we also have drills to do large casing and pipeline work. Our drills are capable to do drills up to 36’’ in diameter with lengths up to 2000’. All NES machines have up to date locating equipment and our larger drills are equipped with wire line capability. With Northeast Services you not only get the bore done but have the confidence that your product is placed inline and on grade using detailed infield evaluation and providing our customers with complete bore logs and graphs in both paper and electronic forms.

Being located in Dallas/Fort Worth we have a diverse amount of soil types here. We have worked in sandy, cobble, sand stone to lime stone and granite. Our company is equipped to do all soil types having equipment to drill rock along with all support equipment such as mud motors, mud cleaners, hole openers, wire line equipment needed to do any job.

Contact us for a quote and we will be glad to give you everything you need to make the best decision who to use for your project. 

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